Some of the most frequently asked Freight Forwarding questions.

Headaches from the complicated requirements of Freight Forwarding? Our team has the magic pill.

  • Warehousing: How much does cost?

    Per pallet costs for warehousing come down to the volume you need stored and how quickly you’re planning to move it. Longer term storage with less handling involved come with lower weekly rates.

  • Warehousing: How long can I store it for?

    Cargo can be stored for as little as a matter of hours or as long as you need – in some cases even for years. The key to keeping this affordable is to negotiate the terms upfront.

  • Warehousing: Shouldn’t I do my own warehousing?

    For importers and exporters constantly dealing with large volumes of cargo, it makes sense to look into handling your own warehousing, but empty space in a warehouse can end up costing you a lot of money, so if your needs are small or cyclical external warehousing solutions inevitably make more sense financially.

  • Customs House Brokerage: What documents do I need to clear customs?

    Every trade lane and commodity has different requirements that can even depend on the time of year and port of origin. Our team can help you understand every document you need to clear Customs properly.

  • Customs House Brokerage: How much will my duty GST be?

    Google will give you an answer on this, but it’s not always right. Depending on what you are importing, there are certain duties and tariffs that can be applied. Talk to our team to understand more.

  • Customs House Brokerage: My customs import paperwork isn’t complete, what do I do?

    To stop your freight being stuck on the dock, it’s essential to complete your paperwork quickly. Our team can show you where your holes are and help you plug them.

  • Domestic Freight: Why is domestic freight so expensive?

    Put simply, it’s a big country. Anywhere freight travels, it has to go a long way.

  • Domestic Freight: Why can’t one provider do everything for me?

    Traditionally, Australian freight has been made up of small markets, and so far, very providers have found a way to amalgamate into one holistic offering and those who have charge a premium for it. That’s why our domestic broking service has evolved to combine the best offers across the local and national providers.

  • Domestic Freight: What’s the best way to ship freight in Australia?

    Due to the fragmented nature of the domestic freight market, there is not a one-size fits all solution. Our understanding of each region, and the providers who best service those areas means we can always put together the solution that is right for your needs.

  • International Air Freight: What paperwork is required to clear Customs?

    Every jurisdiction has its own requirements when it comes to paperwork, and the secret to successful freight forwarding is making sure all those requirements are met before the cargo leaves the warehouse. It’s why our team constantly stay up to date with the latest regulations for every major shipping nation.

  • International Air Freight: What are Incoterms?

    Incoterms are international rules for the interpretation of trade terms. They are a complex mixture of obligations that need to be split between buyers and sellers. If not managed properly, they can quickly turn a very cheap shipping fee into a very costly exercise. It’s why we recommend all our clients control their own freight as much as they can.

  • International Air Freight: Is Air Freight expensive?

    Air Freight is usually the costliest option because of how quickly your cargo gets where it needs to go. However, there are a number of options for ways to make moving cargo by air. Talk to our team about ways to customise this service to meet the specific needs of your business.

  • International Air Freight: How long will it take?

    Shipping times vary based on where you cargo is coming from and where you need to send it to. Cargo size and weight are also factors, plus the type of air freight you choose and how quickly you need it delivered. Talk to our team about the combination that works best for your needs and budget.

  • International Air Freight: Which shipping carriers fit my needs?

    There are a variety of options with shipping carriers, that come down to how quickly you need the shipment and how much you can afford to spend. Direct service options that are focused solely on shipping between one port and another will get your cargo there faster, but if you can afford to wait, there are much more affordable trans-shipment options.

  • International Air Freight: What are the shipping times?

    Shipping times vary based on where you cargo is coming from and where you need to send it to. Shipment size and weight are also factors, plus the type of shipping method you choose and how quickly you need it delivered. Talk to our team about the combination that works best for your needs and budget.

  • Project Logistics: How do I ship cargo that’s too big for a container?

    When your cargo is too big for normal containers, we’ll work with your measurements to develop a non-standard containment solution.

  • Project Logistics: Can I get a special rate for bulk volumes?

    Our strong relationships with all the main international carriers mean we can help you get a very competitive rate for high volumes of cargo. Speak with our team about your needs to find out more.

  • Project Logistics: Can you help with dismantling of special cargo before shipping?

    This is a specialist area we have been actively involved in over a number of years. From the relocation of whole factories to breaking down theatrical events, our team have almost literally moved mountains.